HRNL Extends Service Offerings to Provide Glazing Related Services

HRNL believe the market for Glazing related services on Insurance claims has become somewhat stagnated with little real innovation or new ideas on how to enhance Customer Service and reduce costs visible over the last 5/10 years.

HRNL aims to change this the launch of a genuinely innovative and value adding new solution for Glazing related claims using the existing successful principles adopted within its other Trade specialist networks.

The HRNL service offerings have now been expanded to now include specialist networks for

  • Emergency & Reactive Glazing
  • Window & Door Replacement
  • Repairs to Windows & Doors
  • Garage Door Specialists
  • Conservatory Repair Contractors

We have confidence we are uniquely positioned to assist in helping deliver our clients with an effective and value adding Glazing Claims Service which will;

  • Improved claims lifecycles
  • Reduced claims indemnity spend
  • Improved Customer claims experience
  • Provide a tangible competitive advantage for Insurers and their Corporate Partners

We believe locally based Trade specialists operating with 15/25 miles of their base should be used to attend Customers homes rather than General, multi-skilled Operatives who often cover a large geographic area.  For example, we believe a Garage Door specialist should attend to a Garage Door claim, not a Window Fitter or Locksmith.  We think a Conservatory repair specialist should attend to a damaged Conservatory, not a Commercial Glazier. The people HRNL uses to undertake repairs in a Homeowners property are experienced and competent specialists in the work they do.