HRNL use a specialist third party claims management system, Frontline, to manage all claims managed on behalf of our Insurance clients. The Frontline claims management system has been designed and built specifically for the HRNL business to ensure we are able to proactively manage property damage claims to our Insurance clients Customers homes and business premises.

Frontline is a secure web based platform with Client, Customer and Contractor access to facilitate immediate capture of claims related information and to provide clear visibility on claims status’s and next steps / outstanding actions.

To support the Frontline claims system, the HRNL Development partners have also built an intelligent mobile application for Contractors to use in the field to capture relevant claims / property information whilst at the Customers property. The information captured on site is able to be forwarded immediately to the central HRNL Technical Claims Teams for assessment and immediate progression.

This significantly reduces the time taken to assess individual claims, make claims outcome decisions and agree repair specifications and applicable costs.