Customer Information

Home Repair Network Ltd (HRNL) aims to provide a hassle-free service when faced with dealing with damage to your home.

If your insurance company uses the services of Home Repair Network Ltd you can expect and rely on a professional service that will help you through the insurance claim process that can sometimes appear to be a daunting experience when faced alone.

What you can expect if you use Home Repair Network Ltd.

Understanding your claim and appointing the right person for the job.

Once your claim has been issued to Home Repair Network by your insurer, a member of our customer service team will contact you to discuss the claim details and gather additional information about your property and the damage that has occurred.

Having looked at the circumstances regarding your claim, a member of our customer service team will identify the most suitable person to inspect and report on the damage that has occurred. For example, if your claim is for damage to the roof of your property we will identify and appoint a suitable local roofing contractor to you to assess, inspect and report on the damage that has happened.

HRNL appoint experienced local trades persons depending upon the damage that has been reported. i.e. we would appoint an experienced roofer to a roofing damage claim, a professional garage door installer to a garage door claim, or a building surveyor for more complex incidents requiring multiple trades persons.

Flexible appointments

HRNL aim to offer flexible appointment times that are convenient to you for our contractor’s property inspection to take place. With the exception, more rural areas, and following extreme weather events, we aim to undertake our contractors visit within 48 hours of receiving your claim.

We aim to provide AM or PM appointments for our contractor’s appointments which are recorded within our central claims management system.

Vetted Tradesmen

HRNL building contractors and inspectors carry photographic identification which will be presented upon arrival and introduction at your property.

Survey Data Collection

The building contractor will undertake an inspection of the damage incurred and will collect information to create a damage report that will be forwarded to a member of the HRNL team to determine if the claim can be accepted under the terms and conditions of the insurance policy that you have purchased.

Claim Assessment

The HRNL technical team will look at the information collected by the HRNL building contractor and will contact you to discuss your claim in more detail.

Excess Payment

A number of property insurance policies now have an excess in place which is to be paid by the customer before any work can be undertaken. HRNL can arrange payment via debit/credit card via secure means through our electronic payment process. HRNL require payment of any applicable excess prior to repair work being commenced by our approved repair contractor.

If your claim has been accepted, we aim to progress repairs to your property as soon as possible.

If the claim is accepted, where possible the building contractor can arrange for the repairs to the property to be carried out once we have received payment of any applicable excess. An exception to this may be where materials are not immediately available to complete the repairs. If this is the case the building contractor will provide you with an acceptable and agreed date for the work to commence, again once payment of any applicable excess has been received by HRNL.

Workmanship Guarantee

All accepted insurance repair work undertaken by a building contractor appointed by Home Repair Network Ltd is covered by a 12month workmanship guarantee plus any applicable materials guarantee. For example, 10 year manufacturers product guarantee offer by Hormann garage doors.

Claims that are declined

In the event that the claim has not been accepted under the terms of your insurance policy, if you wish HRNL can arrange for our building contractor to provide you with a no obligation estimate to undertake the necessary repairs to your property.